Stepmom from Paris


Stepmom from Paris Stepmom from Paris Stepmom from Paris Stepmom from Paris Stepmom from Paris Stepmom from Paris Stepmom from Paris Stepmom from Paris

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Oh La La, good news, blue-eyed Victoria Nova is back, and it won’t just be those with a French MILF fetish who will be spanking the monkey or beating one-off. In this VR Porn classic, we see that mystery monsieur is checking out chicks on his smartphone, unbelievably with Victoria in the room just reading the newspaper. Do French porn stars strike? Non, les Français aiment baiser. Victoria moves over, after all, she’s playing the “Stepmom from Paris”, the city famous for erections. We see our wanking chap has his own Tower Eiffel stiffening up. Smooth silky lips and lean curvy hips move onto the man as Victoria Nova starts off with a top-class blow job, licking the guy's balls in ways that a MILF only knows best. The dinky little diva, just 5’7” (170), starts to strip off her elegant black top and her vast boobs pop out. It’s a wonder that she does not topple over with such a magnum set of mammary glands at 34G! Off slip her silky panties, she’s going to teach the young man a thing or two, slipping his rock-hard cock into her juicy fun slot he glides it right up her grand avenue, and we see sticky Vicky’s fanny swallowing him up. How about a bit of fingering? Our mam slips his fingers in and fondles her flaps flicking her bean as her clit goes wild. Let's bend over and take it from behind, miam miam, and just look at her bum. On her back she opens her crack, thrusting, fucking, pumping and squealing, we know what these two are feeling. As we are up close in VR, what do you think of her tits and fanny with your super-enhanced view? Just look at her stunning features, we love her sensational body, it’s mind and cock blowing to think she’s 52. They can’t get enough of each other, they change positions again, Victoria is teaching this fella a thing or two as she fucks his brains out, no more jerking off to mobile images. She backs up and sits on his swollen hard dick, up and down she goes, pumping and grinding as he feels the urge to ejaculate build up. As we have learnt there are far more fun rides in Paris than a trip to Disneyland. Victoria, Merci d'accomplir notre fétiche, (Thank you for fulfilling our fetish). Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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