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Sister Wanking Needs Some Pranking

Chloe Lamur has to share a house with her bratty stepbrother. He is a bit of a prankster and loves to mess with her any chance he gets. While getting ready for a date with her boyfriend, Chloe finds her hairdresser missing. Her stepbrother helps her find it, but has added some flour which ends up all over Chloe’s freshly showered body and hair. He finds it hilarious, but Chloe attacks him. They wrestle and in the scuffle, her towel keeps dropping, exposing her lovely young body. Seeing his sexy stepsister naked has a strong effect on him. Chloe’s hand ends up on his crotch during the fight and she can’t help but notice how big and hard his cock is. She shows him her big tits and decides to have some fun with stepbrother’s fat dick. Sucking it deep into her throat, Chloe knows that she needs him in her tight pussy. She climbs on top of him and shakes her boobs in his face while riding his cock. The powder is still all over her, but Chloe doesn’t care about the prank any more. She only knows that she needs to bend over and take every inch of that monster dick. After making sure she cums really hard, Chloe rolls over and again teases her stepbrother with her big boobs. He made a mess of them with the powder and now she wants him to make a bigger mess by spraying his hot stick load all over her chest.
Model: Chloe Lamur
Full Time: 23 min

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