Princess of Perversia


Princess of Perversia Princess of Perversia Princess of Perversia Princess of Perversia Princess of Perversia Princess of Perversia Princess of Perversia Princess of Perversia

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

We are delighted to present Princess of Perversia with the Asian sensation Marica Hase. Just how might this go do you think? will it have a slightly more exotic flavour from our European or American VR Porn content? Let's see, in we go, into a room with the kind of look and feel more accustomed to an Arabian tent and on the bed is Marica Hase. More vivid sights and sounds than Nintendo and more fun and games than a Pachinko parlour. In the most divine voice, Marica begins, hi, are you waiting for me? she asks. You are my favourite success, let’s play party. Looking and sounding so different from our regular content, Marica is going to start at the bottom and work upward, working us upward too. Play with my feet she says, “Can you make me happy”? looking directly at the VR camera you just know, she’s talking to you. Pulling off her panties her perfectly shaved pussy is in our faces, look at those fanny lips, everything is so intricate as we get intimate. Imagine, this fun slot belongs to a woman of 41, these Japanese are built to the highest standards we see. Just look at her Nipon nipples, dark, pert and hard, she’s turned on for sure. She’s going to give our lucky guy in the room a blow job, slipping her delicate lips around his swollen hard cock, she knows a delicacy when she tastes one as she expertly lavishes him with her slick silky lips. And just look at her elegant little fingers take his penis in hand and tug off his todger. “Wank you very much”. She strokes the cock shaft like she might play a musical instrument and don’t you just love her soft chirpy little voice, as you have already heard, these Japanese girls make a lot of sexual noises. Marica Hase chirps along like a little bird. Knowing how to really complete a man's pleasure, Marica licks the guy's balls, her tongue tickling his bollocks as he no doubt struggles not to blow his load. Not yet, we will save the best to last before he goes to blast. Her tight pussy is wet, she’s desperate for a good fucking and she wants that cock inside her to bang her bento box until she pops. Although this is VR Porn, close your eyes and just listen to her soft voice squeaking and moaning away, as she flicks her clit bean. You want to go to Tokyo, don’t you? The intensity on her face leaves us in no doubt, Marica, is a highly sexually driven diva who simply can’t get enough and wants to taste the good stuff. With the cock positioned between her tits and in her face a hand strokes the knob, the tingle in the balls as the unstoppable urge to ejaculate and can’t be controlled is the inevitable outcome or out cum. Marica says, “Gimmy, I want to taste everything, and those jerks and spurts of sperm hit the back of her tongue, yum-yum. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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