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Pool Side Pole Dancing

Anya has wanted to learn how to dance on a stripper pole for a long time. She’s always found it to be a great sensual, seductive and erotic way to not only work out but to entice her man. The way a woman can glide around, there’s just something incredibly sexual and yet powerful about that. She can hold every man’s attention. It is exactly why she has been practicing with an instructor by her pool.
The time is now right. Anya Ivy has practiced for some time and she wants to show off her new moves. Her man walks in on the very end of her practice, but she doesn’t give anything away just yet. She needs her instructor to leave to really give the full performance and show.
As soon as her instructor is gone, Anya sits Ryan Driller down by the pool and begins to show him some of what she’s been working so hard on. Thankfully, her hard work is paying off in the form of making her man hard. She can see his cock grow inside of his pants. She thinks about jumping on Ryan’s pole, but no, she wants to complete her routine.
With Ryan Driller worked up and throbbing, Anya has him in rapture. Ryan can’t wait to show Anya just how turned on that dance made him. He rips her pants off and slides his head between her legs. Her pussy is already glistening Probably because she got all worked up since she began practice. It is time for his cock to finish off the job. He is ready to test his pole out on her and see how she dances on it.
As the two fuck, Anya yells out in ecstasy and Ryan prepares to shower her with his praise… and his cum.
Model: Anya Ivy
Full Time: 21:10 minutes

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