Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart


Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart Play Girl Stories with Leyla Heart

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Leyla Heart, shall we start? Indeed, we can well imagine how your story might end in this VR Porn video, in a mess we guess. We meet our Play Girl in an apartment room, she’s relaxing on a white leather sofa. Dressed in outrageously provocative red silky lingerie and Leyla is jiggling her jugs, just look at her big bouncy buxom boobies, that really is a big pair of tits. We are facing the prospect of a seriously cock teasing session here, this famous German porn star has an almost hypnotic look in her eyes, all the way up, look at her bright red high heels, wouldn’t you just love to stroke your hand up her long legs, all the way up to her silky red panties. Leyla has tassels on her top, her tits are almost bursting out, we bet quite a few cocks are bursting out as viewers “take themselves in hand”. Our VR camera zoom’s in as she shakes her ass for us, her pert little buttocks are perfect, where do we look at first, this stunning brunette with her long glossy hair, her shiny red lips and green eyes are really quite striking aren’t they. She blows a provocative kiss to us, now she’s sucking her finger, now be honest, you would like to give her your penis to suck. Bingo, out pop those tits, perfect, dark toned nipples, that means her intimate bits will have that lovely darker tinge. Now we want to have a fanny flash, slipping her juicy pussy lips out of her panties, Leyla Heart is going to give us a treat so we can “beat our meat”. Just look at the sight of her inviting piss flaps, now she’s really going to give us a Play Girl Story that we won’t forget. Let’s get some oil on this babe, dribbling baby oil onto her 75D mega-tits she shines for our camera, she opens her legs and treats us to a fantastic direct cunt shot. She bends over, what’s she up to? Aha, Leyla fancies a crafty lady wank and she’s pleasuring her sweet pussy from behind, her finger finds the clit to entertain for a hot horny hit. Laying back onto the sofa, she needs another big squirt of oil, she smiles with delight as now she’s facing us head on as she wants flick her clit until she squeals with delight. She’s loving it, so are we, her tits right in our face and her juiced up fanny show, there is not much more we need to know as everything we wish for was in this show, keep on wanking, everyone is going to blow. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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