Lesbian White BoXXX 2


Lesbian White BoXXX 2 Lesbian White BoXXX 2 Lesbian White BoXXX 2 Lesbian White BoXXX 2 Lesbian White BoXXX 2 Lesbian White BoXXX 2 Lesbian White BoXXX 2 Lesbian White BoXXX 2

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Gosh. We are in for a treat that will make your heart beat and have you beat your meat as we enter the silky White BoXXX. Let’s get introduced to two outrageously hot VR Porn Stars. Antonia Sainz, just into her 30s and Lilly Bella 20. Both girls are Czech and both quite dinky, Antonia is 5’7” (170cm) and Lilly is 5’3” (160cm) tall, they’ve plenty of room to stretch out in the BoXXX and explore each other's intimate gems. The girls say hello to us close up in your face with the magic of VR Porn. Frankly and wanky, if you love a brunette, you will be blowing your load in delirious wanker delight. They both have mischievous twinkles in their eyes, one girl brown, the other ice bluey grey. They start the girl-on-girl action by kissing each other, already provoking our erections as they start playing with each other on the bed. They won’t be able to keep their hands off each other. Just look at those firm tits and asses. We think these two have some real class. Dressed in elegant lingerie, do you prefer the girl in the lavender or floral outfit? It’s a trick question, we prefer our girls naked. Now it’s getting wet and horny in the box, we have a peach of an ass right in our faces and a moist reveal of pussy lips as the girls get intimate and those swelling pussy lips get teased with fingers rubbing the joy slot. The sexual excitement demands that those knickers are pulled down so we get the perfect VR anal hole and fanny view. As you can see, our camera rig is on the money shot. Now that’s what we want, rimming that sweet tight little butthole, it is being tongue teased and lavishly licked, imagine her sensitive asshole nerves sent wild, just look at the expression on their faces as this lesbian sex action hots up. We loved the pussy shot, what a fantastically inviting cunt, how we would love to sink a hard cock in there, but no, no, no, this is all lesbo. Moving on from bum to boobs, now her erect nipples are getting the tongue treatment, check out that cheeky nipple piercing. The girls are into each other and getting worked up, it's time for the other tits and fanny to get some love and lust. We see these are bigger nipples, pink and fun to lick, but we want something to flick, yet, a clit. Fantastic, bingo as here we go with fanny fingering as those long slender fingers slip up inside her juicy vagina lips. The sensation is orgasmic as her speedy finger glides over her clit. We guess it seems to have hit the spot by the look on her face. Let's really blow our loads as the girl's lips meet, that’s pussy lips kissed by mouth lips. Cunnilingus is the gold standard of lesbian sex, if she licks her joy slot too fast and too furious it might end up as a golden shower standard. We think these girls will have control over squirting during their flirting but how about our subscribers? Seems like it's time to let you rewind and replay and get yourselves all sticky as you wonder and wank at Antonia and Bella as they blow up in Lesbian White BoXXX 2, over to you. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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