Kenna in the White BoXXX


Kenna in the White BoXXX Kenna in the White BoXXX Kenna in the White BoXXX Kenna in the White BoXXX Kenna in the White BoXXX Kenna in the White BoXXX Kenna in the White BoXXX Kenna in the White BoXXX

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Looks like some seriously hot fun and games with Kenna James, a real American VR Porn star. Are you ready for Kenna in the WhiteBoXXX? As a dirty blonde and we aren’t just referring to her dark roots, we know you will be spanking the monkey not just because of how she looks but what she says to the camera. She’s a proper prick tease. Looking at us dressed in her provocatively sexy electric blue lingerie she proclaims, “I love watching you get hard for me, I just tease you, I love you just love you watching me”. Looking at her stunning body, this twenty-something chick is good enough to lick and wouldn’t you just love to slip in your prick? Kudos to our camera guys as Kenna pulls off of slightly moist blue panties and starts to finger her succulent soft pink pussy lips. Now, her lips might be soft, but we bet you are getting hard. Look at her shapely ass, wouldn’t you just love to have that sat on your face? The porn guy appears and Kenna looks like she is putting her “best foot forward”, yes, she’s playing and provoking his dick with her feet. He’s getting a foot job. We know we are back in the White BoXXX when a hard cock rocks and that’s inevitable with VR Porn from Reality Lovers. Kenna arches her back and opens the crack between her legs. Our camera gets a “close enough to sniff” fanny view. That’s quite a money shot. What a fantastic pussy. Imagine how badly she wants a rock-hard penis inside her, Kenna is asking for a good banging. Consider that at other times, that in-your-face fannies' juicy lips are crossed tight when Kenna’s desperate to pee. For example, if she’s been out parting and gets the urge to unleash a gusher of “girlie champagne”. She’s got some party tricks for us today too. She’s going to fuck the fella until he’s emptied his bulls. Just look at how elegantly she gives him a blowjob, jerking his penis and getting him stiff to stuff her fanny vigorously. He needs to be long-lasting. It’s no good to quickly spunk his man-load. They are at it now, He’s stuffing her muffin, from the front, up the cunt, from behind she likes to grind. Just look at her ass. The magic of virtual reality brings details to life, what we love about her is the intensity on Kenna James’s face. We know she’s getting a good old Yankee banging here as her chest above her breasts looks pink and glowing. Those nipples look very pert and alert. So, you’ve had a VR close-up, what do you think, is it Kenna talking dirty or putting it all in your face that makes the White BoXXX such a great space? Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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