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Kendra Lust in “PSE – Kendra Lust”


Did you like fucking me? Did you like fucking Kendra?” Those will be the questions from Kendra Lust, the porn star you’ll be having sex with today, should you immerse yourself into the world of Naughty America VR porn…and should you last! The brunette superstar MILF awaits your dick, rubbing up against her big ass, she strokes it with her spit before sliding it into her mouth to give you a VR blowjob. Never had one before? Good. Because Kendra’s lips, tongue, and throat will make your dick so hard you’ll have to restrain from blowing your load too early. The heels and black lingerie she’s wearing will only make your balls swell even bigger, and when her big tits fall out of her bra and you reach out to feel and squeeze them, that’s when you’ll realize this is the VR sex porn star experience you’ve been waiting for. Because everything gets better when Kendra bends over, filling your face with that massive ass that everyone talks about. All she wants to do is make you happy. All you have to do is let her do whatever she wants to do to you. The only thing that should be hard about that is your dick.What’s it like to fuck a porn star like Kendra Lust? Why not experience it rather than ask?! Kendra is gracing you with her presence here at Naughty America VR today, which makes you one of the luckiest people alive. To have a porn star of premium caliber whispering how much she wants to fuck you in your ear is a privilege not many can experience. But today’s your day, so you had better make the most of it. Her big, fat, round ass is as spankable as ever, and the brunette MILF is more than happy to stick it in your face and let you give it a swat or two. But first, sit down and let the pro suck your cock, giving you one of the best blowjobs you’ve never had. She knows exactly what she’s doing, especially when she wraps her big boobs around your dick for the tittyfuck you’ve always wanted but never received. No, you get it all today, from soup to nuts – your nuts, to be exact, which will explode with pure delight by the time Kendra’s done with you.
Models: Kendra Lust  
Full Time: 44:45 min

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