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Luscious Lane Roy leads a very busy life. Between her studies, her friend and her boyfriend her life is just always full. All of this makes Lana appreciate some quiet alone time on those rare occasions when her schedule allows for it. When she does manage to squeeze in time away from school, her friends or her man, she loves curling up with a good book and losing herself in the pages. Lana loves being comfortable as she reads tales of intrigue, danger and romance. She also has a favorite fur pillow that she curls up with. The warm, soft fur rubs her inner thighs just the right way and pretty soon the steamy stories in her book have Lana’s mind less on literature and more on lust. Pretty soon she peels off her tight white shorts and runs her fingers of her pristinely shaven pussy lips. She is wet and her fingers slide easily in as she imagines herself in her own lecherous adventures with her boyfriend, his friends and countless strangers. Her fantasies race through her head as her fingers push her over the edge of a tremendous climax. As she tastes her cum from her fingers Lana thinks that the only thing she enjoys more during her alone time than reading is making her tight little pussy cum hard.
Model: Lana Roy
Full Time: 09 min

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