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Full Body Workout: Bro Edition

Sexy Sophia Lee loves to stay fit. She spends a lot of time working out to keep her curvy body in top shape. Whether it is stretching, lifting weights or jumping rope, Sophia works hard to make sure she looks like a walking wet dream in her tight yoga pants. She sees her stepbrother watching one of her workouts and decides to tease him. Slipping off her top, she exercises with her boobs out. He likes what he sees and she notices his hard cock in his pants. She asks him to take it out and show her. Now it is Sophia’s turn to see more and watch. Sophia is pleasantly surprised by the size of her stepbrother’s cock and wants to put it in her mouth. Her slutty mouth feels good, but he can’t take his eyes off her big ass. Tearing her tight black yoga pants, he gets a look at her butt and gains access to her wet pussy. The only think Sophia likes more than sucking on a thick cock is taking one deep in her tight holes. They work up a sweat together as she rides her big stepbrother’s dick and he grabs her big natural boobs. After she cums all over his fat cock, Sophia puts him back into her mouth and pumps hard until he gives her a pure shot of protein right from his pulsing balls.
Model: Sofia Lee
Full Time: 30 min

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