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Horny brunette Chloe Lamur is enjoying a relaxing day at home. Her new marriage is going great. She has a loving, older husband, a great house and all she could want. She also has a new stepson who is extremely handsome, just twenty years old and thankfully away at college. Chloe has developed a bit of a crush on her husband’s handsome son and spends her alone time checking out family fantasy sex on The hot video and stories mix with forbidden thoughts of her handsome stepson and have her juices flowing in no time. Chloe opens her robe to play with her spectacular breasts and rub her juicy, aching pussy. She imagines what his hands might feel like on her body and shivers with anticipation. Taking out her favorite dildo, she slides it into her mouth, moaning her stepson’s name and dreaming of his young, hard dick. It is as wet at her tight twat and easily takes the toy as she pushes it past her swollen clit deep into her body. It feels so good she just can’t stop. Thoughts of him coming home and ravishing her on the table fill Chloe’s head with forbidden lust and send her into a fierce orgasm. She knows she can never share her forbidden fantasies, but can let her dirty mind run wild any time with her toy and a visit to
Model: Chloe Lamur
Full Time: 11 min

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