Cuckold Story


Cuckold Story Cuckold Story Cuckold Story Cuckold Story Cuckold Story Cuckold Story Cuckold Story Cuckold Story

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

VR Porn brings you in on the action like a digital peeping Tom sneaking a look at a couple who are horny for a fuck. You want to watch them, don’t you? Jazmin wants our guy to almost peel off her panties, she’s wet and wants it. Jazmin Luv has a bit of a Demi Moore look, Jazmin seems to be addicted to cock, she’s gobbling his bell-end like a pro, indeed, we bet Jazmin has had a “Few Good Men”, now it's pussy in the jackpot time and what an impressively hard dick we see slipping into the fanny lips, both are bursting to bang and cum. Fancy a bang from behind? Not an “Indecent Proposal, is it? Gash-smashing animal sex it is then. Taking it upfront up the cunt again we just know it's blow job time. Her glossy lips grip his swollen helmet. He’s struggling not to cum, emptying his man juice in her mouth. His massive prick slips between her legs again, he’s in so deep Jazmin isn't sure if she’ll cum or ejaculate her piss in a squirters climax. This is a memorable Disclosure, a wanking landmark, these two have fucked so hard they will definitely remember “About Last Night”. We love her ass, perhaps she loves anal, they are thrusting like animals. Did you jerk off in VR? These two were fantastic fuckers, let’s hope Jazmin won’t “Ghost” him. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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