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Country Girl

Sexy brunette Sophia Lee may live in a lovely apartment in the city, but she is still a country girl at heart. In her spare time she loves to put on her denim overalls with the tiny shorts and strut around the house with nothing on underneath. The outfit reminds her of her carefree days on the farm with her family and the sexy fun she had with local boys in the barn. The coarse material rubs against her skin, making her nipples hard and always putting her in the mood for some naughty fun. When she doesn’t have anyone around to play with Sophia takes care of things herself. She strips off her denim garments and lets her fingers explore her body. Her beautiful natural breasts are heavy in her tiny hands as she tweaks her stiff nipples. Getting comfortable on her expensive chair, she spreads her thighs and thinks about a man she knew back on the farm and hard he used to fuck her on the piles of hay. Her fingers slide into her young, wet pussy as she remembers how his cock felt inside of her. Sophia does not stop until she has completely satisfied her burning lust. She has come a long way, but her favourite memories are still back home when life was simple and the sex was plentiful.
Model: Sofia Lee
Full Time: 10 min

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