Cava Explosion


Cava Explosion Cava Explosion Cava Explosion Cava Explosion Cava Explosion Cava Explosion Cava Explosion Cava Explosion

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Let’s get intimate, our camera meets the two VR Porn performers in a stylish apartment and our Czech man gets to know Valeria Fuentes. By the looks of things, they are enjoying a little chat and it's looking like a flirtatious coming or cuming together. You’re going to love this video, there won’t be a dry seat in the house as they say. Apparently, in Spain, much desired is a sparkling wine known as “Cava”. Using his Czech charms, our kinky couple to kissing, his hand slips onto Valeria’s panties and he starts to rub her moist pussy, is she getting wet? You ain’t seen anything yet. Now, just as the Spanish enjoy wine, the Czechs make the best beer and love sausages, Klobása in Czech. And so, it seems Valeria loves a bit of meat in her, so she kicks things off by lavishing the human cock sausage as she treats our man to a blowjob and licks his balls, looks like he's enjoying that. A tantalizing testicle sensation for sure. She’s clearly not a “sexual vegetarian”! Out pop Valeria’s tits, what a lovely couple of puppies they are too and look at those pink pointy nipples, looks like she's excited. She will be now. Our guy’s going down on her perfectly shaved cunt lips and he seriously knows what he's doing. The urges are so intense, look at her face with the magic of VR Porn, woosh looks like she could not hold her sparkling wine, the cork has popped. Her clit sent her own special mix of “Cava” exploding in a squirty burst of excitement. Her panties are whipped off, her fanny is wet and wanting a good old banging, she needs a fuck. They are at it like a couple of bunny rabbits, and that Czech cock sausage is going to make more pussy squirting wine, ops, there she goes as the urge fires off another jet. Now Valeria is getting vigorously fingered, she’s literally wetting herself with orgasmic excitement and we see the sofa is getting a little splash too. This girl’s a major squirter. There is just one trick left in this show, our man is going to blow. He jerks off his giant dick into Valeria's mouth and blows his load. Classy as ever, Valeria sticks out her tongue and blows us a kiss. We’ll drink a glass of Cava wine to that, “bottoms up”. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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